10 Buttons

Unlimited Possibilities

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A tablet full of fun activities for the whole family

With buttons, lights, a speaker, and a library of activities, you are going to have a good time.

Comes installed with 60+ free activities. Download new activities as they become available. Create your own activities and share them with others.

Grows with your family

Play fun and educational activities targeted for each stage of your child's development.

Fun for Everyone

With activities for kids as young as one to activities adults get competitive over, there is something for everyone.

Develop Creativity

Play drum beats, record and adapt sounds, mix colors, learn numbers and much more.

Your Child in the Lead

Save their favorite activities for easy access. Let them play their favorite songs and podcasts, and learn and play on their own.

Know Your Child is Safe

No spammy ads or notifications, no in game tokens. All activities are vetted by people for their own children.

Control with an App

Stay in control with a companion app on your smartphone. Search for and download new activities, control parental options, and enhance activities using the app.

Variety of Activities

From thought provoking to arcade style fun, from single to multi-player, from sounds to colors there are a variety of activities for fun and learning:

  • Pick and learn colors
  • Counting Button Presses
  • Playing favorite uploaded songs
  • Whack-A-Button
  • Noise Machine
  • Counting in base 10 and base 2
  • Guess a Number
  • Fastest Presser
  • Click Battle
  • Mix Your Own Color
  • ...and many more

With More To Come

Our History

10 Buttons started in 2019 when I noticed my one year old son loved to press buttons. He would take my laptop and press the buttons even though the effect wasn't interesting. He loved light switches—seeing the light go on and off. I thought it would be cool to give him an array of buttons that would light up different colors.

After my son learned 10 colors by the age of two, I wanted to build other activities to play with him. I quit my job in 2022 to work on 10 Buttons full-time and am excited to see it get into more kids hands.